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Friday, August 27, 2010

Dutch Legends

No Dutch Baseball blog can start without mentioning of four Dutch baseball legends, Bert Blyleven, Robert Eenhoorn, Win Remmerswaal and Rikkert Faneyte. These Four major leaguers opened the door for other Dutch players to play in the big leagues. Blyleven should become the first Dutchman elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame. There is so much Baseball talent in Nederland and I am excited that we will hopefully see many more Dutch players in the Major Leagues to carry on the tradition of these four Dutch Baseball Greats.


  1. Great site, Elbert! Love to see more pictures of your cards! Groetjes,


  2. hey Henri! nice to hear from you. Ik will be be updating this site everyday with pics of dutch cards and players. Im really hoping that this will become a nice site and enjoyed by all those that like dutch baseball and baseball cards. I have been looking for years for a site like this, but never found one, so ik decided to just start my own! hope you enjoy it heni, please spread the word of this site and visit us everyday as ill be updating this site everyday! always nice to hear from you.