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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Nederland has Talent!

This past World Baseball Classic (WBC) proved one thing...the Dutch know how to play honkbal and we can play with the very best in the world. The Dutch Squad shocked the world when we beat world super giant Team Dominican Republic. It was a great day because it put Holland on the map of baseball. So many people thought..they play baseball in Holland? yes, we do and we have a lot of talent there. There is much more to Holland than cheese, tulips and wooden shoes. We Dutch are an amazingly talented people. Im very happy that during the WBC everyone got a chance to see that Holland has some serious baseball talent that should be taken seriously. As a baseball fan, thats exciting for me, because that means more Dutch in the major leagues! The best part is after the WBC, major league scouts started going to Nederland looking for baseball talent and quickly signed many players to professional contracts (I will be providing future blog entries on these players here on my blog). Ive known for years that Nederland has baseball talent and I am just so happy now that the rest of the world knows!

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